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Place your pog bets! Watch the Boglins race! Earn your keep as the ultimate Pog-Lord!

Welcome to Pogs4Boglins! Here you can gamble your amazing pogs on imaginary Boglins in order to hopefully win more pogs back! Unlike competitor pog gambling sites, you will see the races of the Boglins you've betted on! Transparency is key! To play, simply choose the Boglin you like (the percentage underneath represents the odds of winning, although this isn't a determining factor, scientists have calculated that it will affect how likely a Boglin is of winning - although lower odds result in bigger payouts). Then choose how much you want to bet using our super simple slider! Finally press "Race" to see how your Boglin did! *Fingers crossed* Good look! If you come 1st you'll win the max number of pogs back, 2nd you'll get a quarter of the potential earnings, 3rd place you won't lose any pogs! Any worse than that and you'll lose your bet! You must get 5,000,000 pogs to become the ultimate pog fucker!

Music supplied by Kevin MacLeod of Incompetech!

This is a silly little timewaster I made based off a goof in one of Jim Sterling's videos, made in about 10 hours of work and ~710 lines of code ^_^ Hope you enjoy!

(Spoiler - there's a lot and I mean a lot of RNG in this game)

Minimum resolution of 1280 by 720
Windows 7 or newer

Version Updates
1.10 - BOGLIN ARMOR DLC ADDED also options to mute music and sound
1.03 - Added background colour on selected Boglin
1.02 - Re-added 2nd place payout rule
1.01 - Added trails behind Boglins when racing instead of just plain white

Good Look!

Over 750 downloads within 24 hours! Thanks guys :)
Woah 1,000 downloads within 48 hours!

If you want, you can follow my Twitter here - https://twitter.com/jesskawaii...

AuthorJesse Kaw
Tagsbet, boglin, free, Funny, gamble, goblin, joke, pogs, reward, risk
Average sessionA few minutes

Install instructions

Download and extract zip file then simply click on the exe file titled "Pogs4Boglins - Click To Launch"!


Pogs4Boglins 1.1.zip 58 MB


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Well I got "not a valid win32 application" :/

Is there any way this can be made to run on XP ?

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Hi Pishenden

Unfortunately, NW.js which is used to run the game has dropped XP support. However, if you go into the package.nw folder and open up index.html in a modern browser - Chrome should work perfectly - then you should be able to play.

Sorry about that, let me know if you're having any more troubles.

(I just checked in Firefox and it's playable, the pog betting slider isn't formatted correctly but it's playable, this almost certainly won't work in IE)

Thanks, I'll give it a shot.


It was two months ago from today. I checked my YouTube subscriptions feed and saw Jim Sterling had come out with a new video about this game. I watched it and the game looked amusing so I downloaded it, if only I knew what I was getting into. My first round I bet 40 pogs on Chungus and won first place. It was a small pot, but it just felt so good to win. Next thing you know it's 1:00am and I'm still playing. After amassing 1,945,001 pogs I felt like I was on the top of the world. I skipped work just to stay at home and play Pogs4Boglins. I had to convince myself it wasn't gambling because there was no money involved and that it was just innocent fun. As of now I have well over 8,000,000 pogs and have become the ultimate pog fucker. I use my unemployment checks on micro transactions to make the boglin I bet on have a better chance of winning. I only leave the house to buy Top Ramen from the nearby 7/11. Anything else would be too much money and wouldn't leave me with enough to spend on pogs. I haven't been paying my rent and I might be kicked out soon, but they can't take my laptop. Since Pogs4Boglins doesn't need internet to run, if they cut off my internet I can still play. There's something that just makes me feel so good inside to see my little boglin race across the screen and earn me more pogs. It's a feeling worth my time, my money, my job, my girlfriend, and everything else that I own. I would give it all up just to play Pogs4Boglins for one more day. It is a fantastic game and there's no real money involved, you have nothing to lose!

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Do i win? Jim Fucking Sterling Son <3


You're the ultimate pog fucker!